Laurie and I go to Boston, Massachusetts

(Updated 12-19-03)
Boston, MA

Laurie and I took advantage of her flying privileges in October and went to Boston for the day. Laurie was based in Boston for a month and loves the city. So she was excited to go back and walk around. I forget what flight we took out of Pittsburgh International Airport, but I remember it was an early one! No problems as we landed in Boston at Logan. My first impression was good as we hopped the shuttle to the "T" and got on the "T" and was dropped off in downtown Boston. Extremely simple to get from the airport to downtown without having a car. Impossible to do here in Pittsburgh (unless you grab a taxi or the bus, or rent a car). Very easy for tourist like us to get somewhere.

Laurie led the way, since she had been to Boston before and I have not. We checked to see when the next Ducky tour was and got our tickets. We walked around until it was time for our Ducky tour (which was great). We ate at the Cheesecake Factory, went up the Prudential Building for a great view of the city, shopped around Quincy Market, and walked around. By late afternoon, we were pretty tired since we got so early, so we headed back to the airport, got on our flight, and made it back to Pittsburgh.

Boston seemed pretty cool, although a little expensive. Then again, when you live in Pittsburgh (which has a pretty low cost of living), just about anywhere else you go is more expensive. Hopefully, we can go back again soon.

Below is the Table Of Contents with all the pictures. Hope you enjoy them!! Please note that I did not take the picture of Boston above.

Boston Just Ducky Tour   A great way to see the city. Updated 12/17/03

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