Laurie and I go to Ottawa, Canada


Laurie and I took a trip to Ottawa, Canada, in late March of 2001. We both had a couple days off and wanted to take advantage of her being a flight attendant for US Airways. She gets to fly for free...I'm her "Domestic Partner" so I get to fly for a greatly reduced fare. The plan was to go to Ottawa to see the ice skating on the Rideau Canal. It's a canal that totally freezes over and people skate on it. Some people even ice skate to work. But, we were too late and the canal wasn't frozen over anymore. Actually, we were about a month late. We wanted to go at the end of February for the big Winter Fest that Ottawa has, but couldn't find a hotel room. It's a HUGE festival celebrating all that is winter and it centers on the Rideau Canal. We're already trying to plan another trip there next February as long as we can make reservations early!! If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, check out these two web sites: Rideau Canal Waterway gives an overall view of the canal, including year round events. This page of the Canada's Capital and Region web site shows the winter activities of the canal, including a neat photo slideshow. Also, this site gives updates of the skating conditions when the canal is frozen over.

One thing we don't have pictures of is the places we ate dinner. Seems to me that Ottawa has a lot of eating places that are kinda like the coffee shop in "Friends". The decor is laid back and there are couches and easy chairs to sit on and enjoys your drinks. It was pretty neat. Our first dinner was at Woody's on Elgin Street. I wanted to get the ribs, but this was the height of the Mad Cow scare in England and our waiter said that due to the high cost of beef, they weren't serving ribs at that time. Hmmm. I forget what I ended up with, but I remember it was good!! Laurie liked her's too. The second night, the restaurant we ate at looked like a converted auto repair garage. The huge front window was the kind that rolls up into the ceiling. Pretty neat and very chic!! Again, the food was terrific.

We had a great time walking around, visiting Parliament Hill, the National Gallery of Canada, and all the other sites. It snowed one night while we were walking back to the hotel and in the morning before we left, we stopped at a gift shop and bought a gold encrusted maple leaf Christmas ornament. It's a real maple leaf (Canada's symbol) covered in gold. Neat. As usual, I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story. Well, ok, the pictures and my comments about them!!

We took so many pictures that I broke them up into two groups. Even with that, the pages may be a little slow as the thumbnails load. We took a lot of pictures at Parliament Hill, so the two groups are Non-Parliament Photos and Parliament Photos!

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