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Here's where you can find links and email addresses to other collectors and sites. If you want to be included, write me at


Ken from Stamford, CT - Ken doesn't have a web site, but he does have over 300,000 hockey cards from 57/58 up to 03/04. Drop him a line at if you need anything. Seems like a great guy...super fast shipping when we did a deal for some 02/03 Upper Deck Update cards I needed.

Jeremy from Ohio - Jeremy's a good guy and a good trader. He helped me out with the 02/03 Upper Deck hockey and he can probably help you. He's looking to complete that set among others. Jeremy doesn't have a web site, but you can email him at

Michael's Hockey Page - Michael's a fellow Rod Brind'Amour card collector, although he has LOTS more than I do (right now!). He also collects complete sets and has inserts and commons to trade.

Yi from Ohio - Yi doesn't have a web site...yet. But you can email him. He's selling inserts, parallels and base cards from hockey sets from 90-94. He was a BIG help in helping me get some early 90's Upper Deck cards. Email him at

Ansports Collectibles - Wanna see some old cards? Wanna show off your cards?? Check out Alex Nepitt's site. Get a good look at older cards with Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, Gordie Howe and more. Neat pictures, links, jerseys and more. Cool site!!

Erik Cagle's Card Corner - Erik's a good guy and a good trader. He's collecting baseball cards from all over...Topps, Donruss, Score, Upper Deck and more. New and old. He's three cards away from completing a 71 Topps set!! Check out his web set.

The Internet Hockey Database - They call themselves 'The Internet's largest repository of hockey data' and I think they're right. Player statistics for just about every hockey player EVER, and not just the NHL. There's a logo archive, an NHL Players list that you can sort in a lot of different ways, and maybe the best thing for us collectors, a Trading Card archive where you can get a checklist of nearly any hockey player who has ever had a card. And, it's free!!

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