Updated 2/10/01

Just some comic strips that I thought were funny. I actually wrote a comic strip when I was in the 4th grade. It was called Super Stupid. If I can find them, I'll scan them and put them up. Hey...I thought they were funny.











Fox Trot

This comic strip is funny to me because so far I've bought about 10 stocks and 8 of them have gone down. Seems I prefer to buy stocks right before they go down.




One of my favorite web sites is Comics I Don't Understand. This one was on that site and I cracked up. Do you understand it?



Fox Trot

I had a friend (yes, I once had a friend!) and we joked about talking like this in public. We were both spending too much time on the computer.



In The Bleachers

But of course...a comic about hockey.

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