Here's some things I've collected and things people have sent me about the Election that just wouldn't end. Personally, I think they should have just given up and had everybody in Florida vote again. I think the ballots got so screwed up, there's no way of telling who voted for who.

Here is a copy of the actual ballot that gave everybody problems. Does it look confusing to you?? Perhaps a little. It's not the clearest document in the world. But, personally, I don't see how this little piece of paper can cause that much confusion. It isn't THAT difficult.

The Ballot



If the ballot looked like the one below, then, yes, I could see how there would be a problem.

The Fake Ballot



If only this book would have come out in October. Maybe then we would have known who was going to be our next president a lot sooner.

Voting For Dummies


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