I became a hockey fan back in the mid 70's when the Flyers won back to back Stanley Cups (see photos of the Cup below). I grew up in Southern New Jersey, about 15 minutes outside of Philadelphia and even though I was only 10, I was hooked. I moved to Pittsburgh in the summer of 2000 and try to get to as many Penguin games as I can. I'm afraid I'm becoming a bigger Penguins fan than Flyers fan...something I thought would never happen. But I still follow the Flyers as much as I can and go to every game when they come to Pittsburgh. This page will have all my hockey stuff...photos from games, my visit to the Hall Of Fame and more. Enjoy!!

PENGUINS   My Penguins photos. Updated 04/10/02

HOCKEY HALL OF FAME   My visit to the Hockey Hall Of Fame in Toronto. Updated 08/18/02


The Stanley Cup

I touched the Stanley Cup in Atlantic City, NJ!!


Bobby Clarke


The Stanley Cup

A close up of the Flyers teams that won in the mid 70's

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