Laurie and I go to Los Cabos, Mexico

(Updated 08/18/04)

Ahhhh...Mexico in the summertime. Ok, so why would we go to Mexico in July? Because it was free!!!! I won a 4 day/3 night trip to Faro del Cabo All-Inclusive Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico. Los Cabos is at the very tip of Baja California near San Lucas on the map above. I entered an NCAA Basketball Tournament sponsored by ESPN Radio in Pittsburgh (1250 AM). Just fill out a bracket and hope for the best. I should note that I HATE basketball and know just about nothing about college basketball. Sure, I like sports and hear about what teams are good. And I know there are several upsets every year. As luck would have it, I was second going into the final game which was Syracuse VS Kansas and I had Syracuse winning it all. The way the system was set up (some sort of point system...I forget), the only way I could win was if Syracuse won and everybody around me had Kansas. And that's what happened when Syracuse won 81-78. I picked up my prize at the radio station, made the reservations with the hotel and airline, and we were off. It only cost me about $100 for the airline taxes and NOTHING at the resort (which was all inclusive, meaning food, drinks, everything, was included).

We left on July 14th, taking American West from Pittsburgh to Phoenix, and then onto Aeropuerto Internacional de Los Cabos (er, Los Cabos International Airport). The airport in Mexico was small, but modern. The plane pulls up close to the terminal and they bring out the steps to the airplane doors. It's not like the big airports in the US where you get off the plane and you're inside the terminal. You walk down the steps and walk across the tarmac to get into the terminal. We went through Customs, ignored (almost) all the crazy vendors trying to sell us timeshares and the such, and got a ride to the resort. The resort was in the Los Cabos Corridor between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.


We had a pretty good time. The only thing is, we did nothing. Which, in one way, was good. Both Laurie and I were unemployed when we went, which I thought was kinda neat. Here I am unemployed and can't find a job, yet don't bother calling me because I'm out of the country! So it was nice just to hang out and relax and try not to think about being unemployed. But we didn't leave the resort the whole time. No siteseeing, no nothing. Part of the reason for that was we didn't plan things out at all so we had no idea where to go or what to see. Another reason was we were only there for four days, but it was really 2 days since the first day was shot since we got there late in the afternoon and the last day we had to pack and head to the airport (check out time being noon).

Below is the Table Of Contents with all the pictures and more details about the trip. Hope you enjoy them!!

Travel and Airports   Some photos of the plane and the airport in Mexico. Updated 08/18/04

Faro del Cabo Resort   Photos of the resort. Updated 08/18/04

The Beach   Photos of and from the beach. Updated 08/18/04

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