(Updated 04/05/01)

In 2000, each NHL team held a Fan Fest and Dodge Skills Competition. The players take part in different skills like fastest skater and hardest shot, with the winners possibly being invited to the NHL Skills Competition during the All Star game. I went to the competition for the Penguins (held November 19, 2000) and got to sit right behind the goal. It was pretty cool to see the players in a more relaxed setting. Most of the players weren't wearing helmets and a few even stayed after to sign autographs. The pictures didn't come out too well. I had just gotten a new camera like 2 days before and wasn't too sure how to use it. I should have gotten faster film for the somewhat dark Mellon Arena. Click the thumbnail to see the larger picture.

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Jaromir Jagr

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Robert Lang

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Darius Kasparaitis

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