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Updated 04/10/02

Since moving to Pittsburgh in the summer of 2000, I've been to a lot of Penguins games. My first year here, I got the 20 game season ticket plan (see below for a picture of the view from my seat), and saw all the home playoff games. Couldn't afford that the next year, so I got the Flex Ten plan...ten tickets anyway I want them. I picked 2 tickets to 5 games. I bought tickets to see Florida (I'm a Pavel Bure fan) and the Pens gave me tickets for free to see Toronto. So, I saw about 7 games that year!! Didn't have to worry about the playoffs that year since the Pens stunk pretty bad and didn't make the playoffs. Laurie went to most of the games with me the first year, and all the games the next year. She is totally into hockey now and loves the Penguins. I'm still torn, flip flopping between the Flyers and Pens. The following year, I didn't get any ticket plan as I really couldn't afford it. We did get some tickets here and there, seeing maybe four games. Everything below is listed from most recent to oldest photos, with miscellaneous photos at the end.


PENGUINS FAN FEST   The Penguins had a Fan Fest in September of 2001. Updated 04/10/02

PENS VS PHILADELPHIA   Penguins/Flyers game, Jan. 31, 2001. Updated 01/11/02

SKILLS COMPETITION 2000   Pictures from the Penguins Fan Fest/Skills Competition from November 19, 2000. Updated 04/05/01

PENS VS DETROIT   Preseason Penguins/Red Wings game, Sept. 24, 2000. Updated 11/16/00

MISCELLANEOUS PHOTOS   Pictures that didn't fit anywhere else. Updated 04/05/01


Mellon Arena
This picture is from the Penguins and shows where my 2000/2001 season tickets were...Section D23, Row H, seats 5 and 6.

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