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The first entry that isn't a candy bar. But this page is more junkfood than just candy bars. Laurie is always raving about Pirate's Booty. At first I thought it was only available in the north east, like in North Jersey, New York, Massachusetts and the like (and on the web at WWW.ROBSCAPE.COM). But I've since been told it's in California (and probably some other places too). Laurie and I went to Boston on a day trip and I finally got to try some. I must say that it is quite good. Kinda like cheese curls, but as you can see from the bag, not nearly as bad for you. If you see a bag of Pirate's Booty, buy it. You won't be disappointed. UPDATE on 1/28/03!! A local grocery store here in Pittsburgh has Pirate's Booty!! They probably had it all along since it's in the health food section (how often do I check out the health food section? I have a web site with candy bar wrappers on it, for goodness sake!). I was always checking in the salty snacks section. So that's a tip for you if you're looking for it...check out the health food section of your local grocery store. This bag was bought in September of 2002. If you want to make a comment, click here.

Pirate's Booty

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