Pittsburgh has many attractions and great scenery. I don't think a lot of people would choose Pittsburgh as a vacation destination, but there is enought to do to fill a whole week (especially in the summer). As I update this page, I'll add tips and links on enjoying Pittsburgh.

Updated 06/04/04


PITTSBURGH ZOO & AQUARIUM, MAY 2003   Another visit to the Pittsburgh Zoo. Updated 06/04/04

Ball JULIE AND LES VISIT JULY 2002   Sandcastle, Frick House, Gateway Clipper and more! Updated 06/14/03

Ball JULIE AND LES VISIT JANUARY 2002   Julie and Les come on out. Updated 10/25/02

Ball NATIONAL AVIARY   Julie, Les, Laurie and I visit the National Aviary in Pittsburgh. Updated 10/10/02

Ball MOM VISITS AGAIN!   Mom and Bob visit, 2001. Updated 09/21/02

Ball OHIOPYLE STATE PARK   Pictures from Ohiopyle! Updated 04/20/02

Ball KENNYWOOD AMUSEMENT PARK   Pictures from Kennywood! Updated 02/23/02

Ball DUQUESNE INCLINE   Pictures from the Duquesne Incline, plus history and more! Updated 10/09/02

SANDCASTLE WATERPARK   Laurie and I went to the waterpark. Updated 10/05/00

MOUNT WASHINGTON   Scenes of Pittsburgh from Mount Washington. Updated 10/03/01

PITTSBURGH ZOO & AQUARIUM   Pictures from the Pittsburgh Zoo. Updated 10/03/01

MOM VISITS   Mom and Bob visit Pittsburgh! Updated 10/03/01

VARIOUS PITTSBURGH PICTURES   Pictures that don't fit any other catagory! Updated 01/26/03

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