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(Updated 5/17/15)

Here's my little poker page. I'm hoping to expand it as I go along, but I think everybody thinks that and then nothing happens. So no promises. I'll try to update every so often.

A little bit about me...live in Pittsburgh, caught the World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel way back when, got the poker bug, played online (limit first, then no limit but never got above $25nl) until us US players were tossed out, try to play live but I'm not that good. Went to the World Series of Poker in 2011 and played a $1k event...did not cash but glad I finally went. Went back in 2012 and played two $235 daily deep stack tournaments and cashed in one (75th out of around 1,500). Did that instead of blowing $1k on one tournament. Planning on going back in 2012. Try to get to Atlantic City a couple times a year. Work about 4 minutes from the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh. Beautiful poker room but I don't have much luck there. I'm @snickers99poker on Twitter, but don't tweet much.

Hope to add some articles, etc...probably as 'blog' posts. Hope you find something you enjoy while you're here! Thanks for stopping by!


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