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Laurie and I went to the Sandcastle Waterpark in August and we took a waterproof disposible camera with us. First off, I have to say those disposible cameras are great!! And the waterproof ones really work. Well, we had 2 photos that didn't come out well probably because the plastic case had fogged up a little due to the water, but other than that, the pictures came out great.

The day started out nice and sunny and warm, although later in the afternoon it got cloudy. One thing we didn't like was the wave pool. Sandcastle calls it The Mon Tsunami. I heard other people mention they don't like wave pools and now I know why. When the waves start coming, it's hard to keep your balance and the waves just keep coming and coming. There were too many people in the pool and you would bump into people and get knocked over. I like the ocean better!!

We had the most fun on the slides. They have four altogether. The Thunder Run and Cliffhangers, which you use with inner tubes. Cliffhangers is cool because they had three 'sky ponds'...little pools that you would come across on your way down. The Bermuda Triangle is a body slide. I didn't like that one too water up my nose!! And the Lightning Express is Sandcastle's speed slides. VERY high and you just go straight down. I wanted to try the little speed slide, but ultimately chickened out. They also have a pretty big pool. Other than the wave pool, we had a great time and highly recommend that you check out Sandcastle when you're in the area.

We took so many pictures that I broke them up into two groups

Group One   Updated 10/02/00

Group Two   Updated 10/05/00

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